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All personnel who will carry out their activity in an Airport Security Restricted Zone. Indispensable to request or to renew the airport accreditation

AVSEC INSTRUCTOR: Bárbara García Navarro

AVSEC Certificate

By AVSEC instructor authorized by AESA
Certificates available for download upon completion of the course.

Validity and custody

The validity of the certificate is 5 years. We keep a copy of your academic record and your certificate.

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Enrollment duration: 30 days
Final test attempts: 2
Extra attempts: Yes - 10 €/ attempt

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Regulation: CE 300/2008 and EU 2015/1998 Apartado 11.2.6

According to the point 11.2.6 . of the annex to Regulation (EC) No. 2015/1998 which stipulates that persons, except passengers, who require access to restricted areas of security should receive training in aviation security. Prerequisite to apply for or renew airport accreditation as airport staff.

In accordance with this, every person who is going to develop its activities in the Security Restricted Area of an airport, must perform the BASIC AVIATION SECURITY AWARENESS COURSE.

The security officer of the company seeking accreditation for staff, must justify, that such personnel has made basic awareness training in security.


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